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  1. Hi Sandie!! How are you doing now?are you just on 6 month checks? You never went back for more surgery? I am having lumpectomy Monday. Initial Dx is adh borderline dcis multifocal. Clear mri. I am wondering what the chsnces of final Dx just being dcis grade 1. Was your initial and final Dx the same? Thanks!!!

    • Hi Robin, I did 6 month MRIs at first and then did yearly MRIs for the last two years before I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in 2014. There was disagreement re my pathology, with Dr. Lagios saying I still had ADH after my lumpectomy and a local pathologist saying I still had DCIS in my breast.
      The IDC I was diagnosed with 7 years after my lumpectomy was in the opposite breast and totally unrelated to my 2007 DCIS, except for the fact that anyone with DCIS is always at higher risk from then on.
      So to answer your question, it is hard to predict if your initial and final DX will be the same. Having a clear MRI is in your favor, but not a guarantee.
      Hope all goes well with your lumpectomy.

  2. Thanks for your reply! How did you treat your 2014 Dx?

  3. I had a mastectomy to treat my 2015 DX. Then in 2015 they found invasive lobular cancer in my 2007 DCIS breast and bone metastasis, again not related to my initial DCIS DX. I treated this with a lumpectomy and by taking Arimidex which didn’t seem to do much. So now will be switching to Faslodex. Also attempting to control with diet, exercise, supplements, yoga, Zometa infusions plus meditation.

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